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As one who has been devoted to the practice of yoga for a few years, have you ever found yourself curious as to how you can take that passion that you have for yoga, and incorporate it into a successful business of your very own? Perhaps, you have even looked into yoga-teaching certification schools in the area in which you reside, but just do not know how to get started with enrollment?  Before you dedicate yourself to one school, you must first and foremostweigh-out all your options. Ask yourself, do you really understand the entire process of yoga-teaching certification?

First and foremost, you must decide on what you want to teach and also how you can go about schooling. There are limitless options out there and heavy research is required to ensure that the school you are deciding on is even accredited with the Yoga Alliance, but also that you are going to be getting your money’s worth in regards to the success you will find once you obtain your certification. Be very weary of online searches, you will find everything out there from individual person’s trying to scam you, to countless websites on “how to obtain your yoga-teaching certification online”, these are a great way for you to throw your money away. Use your better judgment, and talk to people. Interview professional yoga instructors within the program you are interested in, talk with your own yoga instructor on how they personally went about obtaining their certification. Do not allow yourself to be scammed or victimized, understand that choosing the right program is going to take time, and a vast amount of research, but once you find the right program to suit your needs, it will well be worth your time and efforts.

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Once you have narrowed down your search options, you can clearly go about ensuring that they have the programs in which you desire, if they are within your budget, if they are located in an area in which you live or can easily get to, and if they even have a schedule that works around your own. For instance, in the Yoga Teaching Training Program offered by Evolation, they have limitless options to meet all your needs, from quaint class-size, to locations all over the world, and a module courses that match your needs, from the 4-week immersion program to night and weekend courses spread out over a period of 5-6 months. You can still hold your full time job, be home for your family and also avidly chase your dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor.


So, you have done your research, you have found your school. Now it is time for a physical interview. Tour the school, talk with the instructors, perhaps even sit in on a course. If this is truly something that you desire, you must ensure that it is right for you in every, single aspect. There is no better way than to immerse yourself into the school that you are considering. Yoga training programs cost $3,000-$4,000 (USD), you need to take every measure to make sure that you are going to be getting your money’s worth out of the program. Are they teaching what you believe? Are you comfortable in the atmosphere? Do you like the instructors? Are you going to walk away from the program with all the skills needed to begin your own yoga-teaching business? There are a tremendous amount of things to consider before finalizing your decision.


Well, you have done it! You have done all your research, chosen a program that matches your needs, wants and desires, and you are ready to begin your certification program! So, now what? Every certification program is different, but here I will reflect up Evolation’s Yoga Teaching Training Program. Depending on which module you have chosen to best suit your needs, you will be offered 75 core classes, everything from the history and philosophy of yoga, to alignment and posture, meditation, anatomy and physiology, and so much more. Plus, you will be given all the business skills required, including support, to ensure success in building your own yoga business.

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Yoga-teaching is an aw-inspiring and life-changing event. You love yoga, and now you can share your love, passion and devotion to teaching others. There is a lot to consider, and again a great amount of research efforts in making sure that you are choosing the right program that best suits your needs. Do not ever be ashamed to ask questions, and if something does not feel right, always trust yourself and follow your heart. This is the first-step to the rest of your life, and living each day in happiness and finding success in doing something that you love so very much.

Namaste, Friends and Good Luck!



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